We are blessed with a wonderful cool climate, full sunny days in the summer and cold, wet days in the winter … a great location to ‘grow’ wine.

Situated at the entrance to the Coal River Valley and in one of the driest parts of the state, irrigation is essential and the entire vineyard is drip irrigated. The soil is mostly sandy loam over a mudstone base providing excellent drainage throughout the vineyard. A modified Lyre (U-shaped) trellis system is used in conjunction with vertical shoot positioning, while the latest rows have been developed using a simple VSP trellis.


Immense care, attention, and expenditure are devoted to the vines at Observatory Hill. Hand pruning, tying down and harvesting removes any potential for machinery damage to both the fruit and the vines. When summer rain generates additional vine growth, constant canopy management including trimming and leaf plucking is necessary.

Soil and cool climate enable Observatory Hill to grow a variety of top quality grapes as “top wines starts in the vines” Vines producing grapes Pinot Noir, Cab Sav and excited about newly planned Merlot, White variety is Sauvignon Blanc, Fruity Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Riesling.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to give a truthful expression of the God-given talents we received and doing everything in our ability to offer a memorable, world-class wine experience to all in order to be a Tasmanian wine of choice. 

Observatory Hill aims in providing pleasure and enjoyment to a broad range of wine lovers by producing wines not only with structure and finesse but also with a high level of “drinkability.”

Observatory Hill Vineyard